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Our story

The Altgrain Co. is the labour of love for the father and son team, Adam Hall and Barney Hall.

Barney was diagnosed as coeliac at age 1 year and has adhered to a gluten-free diet his entire life, give or take a few moments of denial in his teens! Poor health later led Barney to reaffirm his strict diet of avoiding gluten and looking for alternatives to commercial "gluten-reduced" beers being sold as gluten-free.

Sharing an interest in homebrewing, but unhappy with enzyme based gluten-reduction methods, Adam and Barney started exploring alternative grains, in particular regionally grown millet. Initial experiments were patchy, and it was necessary to learn the entire malting process, while developing specialist equipment and processes to successfully produce consistently high quality gluten-free malts.

Today the pair produce artisanal small-batch malts, which they sell to UK homebrewers and commercial breweries, while also brewing delicious, naturally gluten-free beer with regional brewery partners.