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NEW! Random Pale - Naturally Gluten-Free Pale Ale - 330ml Can

NEW! Random Pale - Naturally Gluten-Free Pale Ale - 330ml Can

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No barley + no wheat = naturally gluten-free beer

A deliciously subtle citra hops-forward pale ale, with a light-to-medium body and malt profile. Inspired by our American friends but demonstrating some British reserve when it comes to hop-forward flavours! Our first experiment using Norwegian yeast, Kviek achieving a very clean beer with some mellow fruity esters.

Brewed with non gluten-containing ingredients (NGCI) to be 100% safe for coeliacs and those with intolerances to gluten. This beer is also vegan friendly.

This beer is not gluten-reduced like other "gluten-free" beers in the UK market. We do not use barley or wheat in our beers (or any gluten-containing ingredient).

Brewed with ancient grains, malted millet, quinoa, hops, and yeast to be naturally gluten-free.

Alc. 5% ABV
Vol. 330ml aluminium can
Truly gluten-free and vegan



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